Power Purpose and Service

Power, purpose and Service

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This book on Christian Maturity is a study in Christian Apologetics and Systematic Theology. It is written in a practical way to make for effective discipleship and imparting a particular kind of lifestyle into the people without making a force of it, yet forceful enough to effect the desired change on the society. Practical Christianity as taught and modeled by our Lord and Master Jesus Christ whereby He touched the Jewish society; and as reproduced by the Apostles with dexterity and tenacity whereby they touched the whole world.
A Christian must have a purpose in life to enable him affect his environment for God. A man with purpose is a man with power. Power is the pivot that guides purpose and service towards achievement. Power in the real sense is a silent force that transcends from the inside to the outside. It's such a positive force which gives thrust to a man's service towards achieving a goal in life. This book helps you to identify and enter into that particular purpose.
The purpose oriented Christian engages in service with zeal that touches the entire fabric of the Kingdom causing systematic growth to the entire body, the other members of the body in turn touching the entire society and the true Spirit of Christ is then incarnated into everyone who comes into contact with them. Truly the salt of the earth; truly the light of the world.
This book is an adventure for that instructive Christian, an adventure that will blow your mind, create purposeful focus, and be heavenly empowered to take the world in your stride, make waves, and affect your generation in the way and manner He set out for you from the beginning.